Lighting the Hoan Bridge in Virtual Reality

The lighting of the Milwaukee Hoan bridge has been talk about for years. In 2019 organizers from the Light The Hoan project connected with Islands of Brilliance to develop a VR experience.
We where contracted to teach students at every level of development. Over the course of 8 days we built a VR experience that allows people to see what the bridge would look like lit up at night and also change the color of the lights. The experience has been shared across the city at fundraisers and large public venues, raising awareness and gaining support for the Hoan bridge lighting.

Islands of Brilliance Game

This is a teaser for the Islands of Brilliance game. The game is unique because it’s  being built primarily by individuals on the autistic spectrum. 
We are working closely with Islands of Brilliance leadership to plan out the ongoing development cycle for the game, which will be implemented as part of their Brilliant Studios curriculum. 
We are privileged to be a part of the innovative approach to neurodiverse education that IOB is pioneering.